Life on Lockdown 

Stories from a World in Quarantine

The world is a little scary today - and might be for a while to come. So I’d like to use my corona-bunker time to make something hopeful and true for BBC Radio 4. You can listen to the first episode here.

Wherever you are in the world – would you record a message for me and tell me how you’re doing? 

Tell me where you’re sitting. Tell me what you can see. Tell me what’s happened to you today.


Tell me if you’re a home worker and you’ve already eaten your stockpile. Tell me if you’re a health worker just off a shift. Tell me if you're a hospital cleaner and proud to do your job. 

Tell me if you've lost someone to the virus. Tell me if you're struggling to pay the bills.

 Tell me how you feel about being stuck at home.

Tell me if you see your bunker-partner in a whole new light - what you’ve discovered about them, now you're cooped up so close. Tell me (or sing me!) your hand washing song.


Tell me if you see examples of kindness, altruism, or co-operation. Tell me what makes you laugh. Tell me your moments of bravery and cowardice, your moments of panic and joy. 


Tell me what gives you hope. 

If you've got your own recording kit, please use that. If not, a smart phone is great! (Particularly if you go to settings > voice memos > audio quality >  and change to 'lossless'). Send your recording to and remember to include your name and where you're based.

If you can, please do send sounds and atmosphere as well. I've had recordings from walks and baths and
tool sheds. But in front of a phone or laptop is just fine as well. 


You can also record your message on your laptop using the link below. 

And don't forget: sending a message constitutes agreement for its potential inclusion on
BBC Radio 4’s Life on Lockdown.

Love (in a time of quarantine),

Cathy FitzGerald

©2020 Life on Lockdown